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I’ve tried to categorize my goals by type thus far, but these hold outs defy categorization:

Credit Card Dog

This dog officially has more credit cards than I do. (Photo by eikootje on Flickr.)

Thing #13 – Fix My Credit

Credit seems to be a hassle for everyone.  You struggle to get it, you struggle to keep it up, and it’s fraught with Catch-22 scenarios.  I did some damage to my credit when I was in my early 20’s (remember those bad decisions I mentioned?) and opted out after that.  I’ve paid off my car, but that’s really the only major action my credit report has seen in more than 5 years.  Because I’d never imagined myself buying a house or getting a credit card, I wasn’t really too concerned about it.  Honestly, I was a sucker.  I had no idea how much money I could save by using a credit card and earning mile/points.  Now I follow The Points Guy and I’m ready to get in on some of those rewards.  Before I do that, though, my credit needs a bit of a face lift.  Not a huge one, I hope – we’ll see when I finally order my credit report!

Tim's New Car

Tim, about to drive his brand new car off the lot.  Lookin’ good, babe!

Thing #21 – Get A New Car (Or Move Where One Is Not Needed)

I waffled about putting this Thing on the list for a while.  My trusty little 10-year-old car is certainly “good enough” for me right now, I don’t want a car payment, and I really don’t enjoy driving.  After I got this car, I was in a bad accident – that and a number of other issues that I’ll discuss later have made me fearful of upgrading.  But I know that I’ll have to do it eventually because my car won’t last forever.  The only way to avoid it would be to move to a place where I didn’t need a car – adding that caveat to the list made this goal a little easier to focus on.

My Living Room

This was taken in 2010, the last time my living room looked this clean and organized. I’ve only accumulated more stuff since.

Thing #25 – Refuse To Buy Physical Things For A Year

I have a love-hate relationship with STUFF.  I started out denying myself the permission to buy stuff – my money went to “more important” things, I wasn’t worth it, someone else wouldn’t like it, and so on.  When I moved into a place by myself (after therapy, which dealt with the “worth” problem) and realized that I could decorate it any way I wanted to, I kind of went crazy.  I definitely made up for all the time I spent NOT buying stuff I wanted.  Not that these are fancy things by any means – it’s mostly knick knacks like picture frames, lamps, small statues, etc.  And honestly, some of that stuff really does make me happy when I see it – my environment is full of things I love and that can’t be underestimated.  But now I just have SO MUCH STUFF.  After Tim moved into my townhouse, we were at capacity.  After my business partnership ended and I took on the physical equipment, it became absolutely BURSTING.  I feel buried by it, and I also feel a little guilty for being such a “good” consumer.  I want to take a break from consumption – not to re-learn self-denial, but to remind myself that I truly have “enough”.

AZ name change form

I’m not as worried about filling out the form as I am about the $400 it takes to file. Ouch!

Thing #26 – Legally Change My Last Name

There was a trend that started in the 70’s or 80’s of people hyphenating their children’s last names.  To everyone that did that – ugh.  To those thinking of doing it – don’t.  Just don’t.  I have a hyphenated last name and no one can ever find me in an alphabetical list, online forms occasionally won’t let me enter ‘-‘ because it’s a special character, and though my two last names are simple, when you put them together, people can’t figure them out.  I have always disliked my last name – when I was a kid, it set me apart from others at a time when that was downright dangerous, and as an adult, it leads to a lot of confusion and eyerolling.  “No, I’m not married.  No, I’m not divorced.  No, I didn’t change my name – just try looking it up under M instead of T.”  I have wanted to drop the last half of my last name since I found out that it’s a thing you can do, I’ve just never prioritized the cost or the hassle.  I’m looking forward to getting this done right before my passport expires!

Thing #28 – Read 300 Books

Reading is one of my favorite things!  I don’t understand, nor would I want to spend any large amount of time with, people who DO NOT read.  In fact, what sets this goal apart from the others is that I might have accidentally accomplished it anyway.  That is, it involves reading an average of 30 books a year, and while I’m not sure how many I read in that time, I have the feeling it could be pretty close to 30.  So why put it on the list at all?  Reading 300 books is like taking 300 separate adventures, which is what this blog is all about.  It will also help me read with more awareness and give me a venue to talk about what I’m reading.  You can see what I’m reading, how I’m progressing, and recommend books to me on GoodReads.com!  Please make recommendations – finding 300 great books seems more daunting than reading them.

start at thirty logo

Thing #30 – Write In This Blog For 10 Years

Remember how I said I’m bad at finishing things?  That’s what this goal is all about.  Working on this blog, in and of itself, is a huge commitment.  Putting the time and work in will be a major accomplishment.  It’s something I can look back on and say… I did that!  Even if I never develop a readership, I’ll still be proud that I put myself out there.  And if nothing else, I’ll have an amazing document of all my adventures.  Wish me luck!