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Published on January 1, 2013, by in Other Things.

A lot of people out there are making lists of New Year’s resolutions right about now, trying to figure out how to be ‘better’ in 2013.  I’m thinking about it, too, though my list is already done for the next decade’s worth of New Year’s Eves.  My broad goals are simple ones: be better, have more fun, travel more, love more, learn more, be worth more.  I bet your resolutions, dear hypothetical reader, fit in to those categories, too.  And so I present a collection of inspirational images, mostly culled from Pinterest over the course of 2012, to put you in a can do mood!

For those who want to travel:

Book A Ticket

Travel Makes You Richer

For those who want to learn:

First Time


Never Stop

For those who want a better job:Love What You Do

Make A  Living

For those who want to have more fun:



For those who want to be happier:



For those looking for a reason to change:
Don't Be Afraid

Do It


For those who want to lose weight, let me wish you good luck and then ask you to reconsider.  You might have noticed that none of my goals involve my weight or appearance.  That is certainly not because I don’t want to change those things – I do.  I’m as unhappy with the way I look as any other girl raised in a society that values beauty over intellect and talent.  But I’ve learned not to listen to that cultural voice whispering in my ear about the need to lose 20 lbs because that voice is a jerk.  Losing weight or otherwise being more attractive is a bullshit accomplishment.  I’m going to get old.  My looks are going to go and that weight is likely to come back.  But my experiences?  I’ll have those forever.  I may not be any skinnier when my list is complete, but I’ll be so much more interesting (and happier, too, I’ll bet).  So to those trying to lose weight, maybe consider changing that goal to “be healthier, at any size” and enjoy my words of inspiration for you:


Love Yourself

There, now I’m all fired up for 2013!  So how will I be starting the list after my birthday?  Ordering a copy of my credit report (Thing #13), tracking down info about glass blowing and violin classes to see which I can fit into my schedule (Things #1 and #3), and trying to find a good time to book a cruise (Thing #8).  Already so much work to do!