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Being silly is serious business.  I think it might be one of the best things someone can be.  Sure, silly is occasionally embarrassing  but it’s also really fun.  I like things that give me a chance to laugh at myself because it’s a good reminder that we’re all a little ridiculous sometimes.  Only when we take ourselves too seriously does that become a bad thing.  So, to flex my silly muscles (of which there are many):

Karaoke Time

It’s Karaoke Time! Picture taken by Sarah Sosiak on Flickr.

Thing #10: Sing a Song at Karaoke

I absolutely love to sing.  I do it in the shower, in the car, and even while I ride my bike if there’s no one standing around.  And I’m TERRIBLE at it.  My voice naturally has a ‘cartoon squirrel’ aspect to it that’s no good for song.  I know this about myself and it has prevented me from singing in public even though it’s something I occasionally want to do.  I’m going to put my self-consciousness and fear of judgement aside so I can belt something out… even if I get booed.


The adorable Corgisaurus… someday you will be mine.

Thing #11: Get Another Dog

What makes this a silly goal?  Maybe it’s silly because it’s no big deal – anyone can go out and get a dog any time.  There are 78.2 million dogs living in 39% of the households in the US.  Having a dog is pretty darn normal.  But I don’t want just any old dog!  I want to get a corgi, which might be the silliest breed of dog.  I want a rescue corgi that I can name Toby, Sharky, or Isobel, and that I can occasionally put in a dinosaur costume.  Like this:

Corgisaurus with Caveman

or this!

Baby Corgisaurus
or this!
Corgisaurus Rex


Lady Gaga Corgi

Yes, I realize this is a Lady Gaga costume. The best Lady Gaga costume EVER.

So why haven’t I gotten my corgisaurus yet?  1) I don’t want to be a bad dog parent and get another lil’ guy when the Grif and I are still adjusting to his diabetes diagnosis, and 2) I live in a townhouse with a miniscule back yard.  It’s 100 sq ft of concrete, actually.  Not ideal for two little doggies – not even the best choice for one.  Oh, and 3) I don’t want to buy from a breeder.  I’d rather rescue an old or sick, abandonded corgi (or a mix, I am not above getting a mutt) that really needed a good home.  Adoption is a better fit for me and that takes time, too.  But eventually the right dog in need will find a home (and a costume) with me.

Photobooth Pics

Every classy party should have a photobooth for people to get un-classy in.

Thing #14: Throw a Big Party

I guess this doesn’t, at first glance, seem like something that should be on a life list.  Who can’t throw a party?  You buy some booze and invite your friends – easy peasy.  Well, that might be a party but that’s not really what I’m talking about.  I want something bigger!

Wedding are pretty much the only socially acceptable huge party an adult can throw for themselves but, to be totally honest, I may never get married.  While I can handle that, I reject the idea that it means I never get to spend a stupid amount of money on a fun event just to celebrate family and friendship.  I want to throw a party with a theme!  And a dessert buffet!  And a photo booth!  And an excuse to dress up in something ridiculous and princessy!  I was going to do that this year but life got in the way, so I had to put it on the list.

This Year Will Be A Good Year

Postcard sent to and published by PostSecret

Thing #24 – Have A Secret Posted By PostSecret

Have you seen the PostSecret website?  Or read any of the books?  If so, you may already know how truly amazing it is to see your own secret reflected in someone else’s work.  From the moment I found the blog, probably 4 or 5 years ago, PostSecret has been my Monday morning ritual.  No matter what kind of mood I’m in, it resonates with me – it’s life affirming and hopeful; it’s heartbreaking and tear-inducing.  I’m a regular reader and I even save all of “my” secrets (the secrets I have but someone else put on paper) to my computer, but I’ve never made my own.  There are things – some serious, some not so much – that I’ve never said (and may never say) out loud, and now I am ready to release them.  I’m going to keep writing and sending them until I see one in print.  It will be an epic congratulations to myself for letting my secrets go.

To close this post, here’s a gallery of some secrets that relate to this project: