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Published on March 1, 2013, by in About Me.

I have a really good excuse for being such a blog-related slacker… Tim and I bought a house!  A whole house.  With rooms and walls and floors and everything.  It’s adorable, it’s in a really cute neighborhood (with plenty of trails to ride our bikes), and it’s ALL OURS.

The process of getting the loan was a nightmare because we (foolishly) tried to use Bank of America and they messed up our paperwork, which made us miss our close date and eventually switch lenders.  We lost 3 weekends and a whole pile of money, but at least we got the house and learned an important lesson:  NEVER use Bank of America.

So, now that we’ve got the house, the real work begins.  We want to do a bit of renovating before we move in so that we don’t slack once the place is full of our stuff.  We’re going to take out the popcorn ceilings, paint almost every room, change out the flooring, add new baseboards, and possibly put in new fans.  All in the next two weeks.

Yes, we are crazy.

After we move in, we’re going to refinish the kitchen cabinets, change out the lighting, and do some other fix ups while we save money for the biggest project: remodeling both bathrooms.  There’s tons of work to be done, but at least it’s almost all aesthetic.  In the next couple weeks, I’ll be posting some updates on how our home makeover is going.  In the meantime, check out our ‘Before’ pictures: