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Published on March 10, 2013, by in 28. Read 300 Books.

I finished my fifth book on the way to 300 sometime last week, but I’m only getting around to writing the review now because I’ve been busy busy busy.

I drink for a reason by David Cross

I decided to read I Drink For A Reason because I needed some cheering up after the bleak world of Mumbai slums in the last book.  It’s a book of essays and short stories by one of my favorite comedians, David Cross.  Let’s be real here:  Tobias Funke is the best character on television ever.  I also enjoyed Mr Show and even Cross’s character on Just Shoot Me.  I thought I was in for some fun.  Instead, it was just… meh.  Totally meh.  Deeply, disappointingly meh.

The Good:

  • I laughed out loud two or three times.

The Bad:

  • Too many joking references to rape.  Can dudes please stop throwing around that word?  They think it’s shocking, that they’re being ‘edgy’, and anyone who can’t handle it doesn’t have a sense of humor – I’ve heard that BS before.  That doesn’t fly with me.  Shock value is not clever.  Using the word rape to describe things that aren’t rape isn’t clever.  In general, rape jokes are really cheap shots.  There are rare rape jokes that are funny, but it’s when the joke is on the rapist and not the victim.  And from a survivor’s perspective, it really sucks to be reminded of your sexual assault when you’re reading (or listening to, or watching) something that’s supposed to make you laugh.  Just makes my skin crawl.
  • Several of the pieces are defensive rants against bloggers and critics.  That in itself wouldn’t be bad if they were funny, but they’re just plain defensive.  They make Cross seem whiny and insecure, or worse, like a prematurely crotchety Andy Rooney type.  David, I’m sorry someone on a blog said something you didn’t agree with, but this is the internet and people are going to do it ALL THE TIME.  It’s no use fighting them.  I might be doing it right now!
  • Cross touched on some really interesting stuff from his own life but then said he wouldn’t share more because he’s saving it for his memoirs.  His autobiography will probably be a great read – but it really crippled this one to hint at stories without elaborating.

The Interesting:

  • I got nothin’.  Meh all over.

Would I recommend it?  No.

What’s next?  The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner.  I’m looking forward to this one because life is a little rocky at the moment.   It’ll be good to escape to something positive.