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Published on May 31, 2013, by in 28. Read 300 Books.

It’s the first day of my 90 day fitness challenge and I feel… like crap!  I’m sore from Zumba last night and my healthy breakfast (granola and Greek yogurt) was super gross.  But I did read a really good book!

Let's Pretend This Never Happened


I found Let’s Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson in my Kindle’s ‘To Read’ folder and I have no idea how it got there.  Did a friend recommend it?  Did I read a review?  Was it featured at my favorite bookstore?  Or did I just like the title?  I don’t remember but I’m glad I put it on the list because it was all-capitals FANTASTIC!  The book is a collection of short essays about Lawson’s life in Texas, which is way more interesting than it sounds.

The Good:

  • I don’t know… everything?  Everything about this book is good.  I guess the main thing is that it’s hilarious.  I laughed, I cried from laughter, I woke up the dog.  Lawson has a unique voice and a ton of interesting stories.  She’s lived a weird life, which is a very good thing.
  • Lawson is often compared to David Sedaris, and it’s accurate in the best way.
  • It was very relatable (spellcheck is telling me this isn’t a real word, but Google says it is, so I’m leaving it).  Sure, she grew up in rural Texas around a bunch of dead animals, but the running theme of ‘family, crazy but you love them anyway’ really hit home with me.  When Lawson started to talk about her anxiety, the book transcended ‘funny memoir’ and spoke directly to my experience.  I love it when books do that – it’s such a great reminder that I’m not alone in the struggle with anxiety or weirdness.

The Bad:

  • I couldn’t sleep because I was giggling too much.  I read before bed as a way to relax, but this is not that kind of book.  I wish I’d saved it to read on a plane ride – there’s nothing I like better than annoying my seatmate with constant suppressed laughter.
  • This is Lawson’s only book.  I hope it sells like hot cakes so she’s forced to write another one!

The Interesting:

  • I won’t really have to wait for another book to be published to read more hilarious stuff from Jenny Lawson because she has a blog!  YAY!  It’s called The Bloggess and there are years of great posts, so you should check that out.

Would I recommend it?  Hell yes.

What’s next?  I started The Lady and The Monk, but so far it’s been putting me to sleep so we’ll see how it goes.  Next up in this blog, I think I’m going to share my techniques for getting cheap airline tickets.  Hint: it involves spreadsheets!