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Published on July 26, 2013, by in Mini Things.

I feel the need to make a post about the 90 Day Fitness Challenge because I’m at the 5 week mark, but the truth is that I just had my worst week so far.  I did 4 workouts but they weren’t all an hour long, I missed my yoga class, I missed meals, I ate out 4 times, and I didn’t even come close to 6 cups of water a day.  It was a failure of a week.

I’m going to get back into it next week, I swear.  And in the meantime, I’ll remind myself that I still ate better and worked out more than I did before this challenge.  Though I may not be the best, I’m trying and that’ something.  Like this little guy – he’s not the highest or longest jumper, but he’s enjoying himself.  This GIF is me in so many ways.  Enjoy!

Corgi Jump