So far, 31 has been amazing!  I took two weekends to celebrate and did a ton of fun stuff, including… (drumroll please)… CROSSING A THING OFF MY LIST!

Say goodbye to 10. Sing a Song at Karaoke.


How was it?  Amazing.  Awesome.  Addictive?  Yeah, I loved it.  I thought that it would be a little fun and a little awkward, but it turned out to be ridiculously fun and not-at-all awkward.

Karaoke Friends Karaoke at August Karaoke Box

Some of the credit goes to the lovely people who sang with me – they really got into it.  By the time we left, my face actually hurt from all the laughing and smiling.  Though I was very nervous right before it began, it didn’t end up being embarrassing or scary at all.  In fact, I’d love to do it again!

Singing at August Karaoke Box

(Mini review:  We went to August Karaoke Box in Tempe and it was a mixed experience.  I made the reservation 3 weeks in advance but they didn’t have it on file when we got there.  We still got a room because it wasn’t busy – it was a 12 person room, and though there were only 10 of us, it felt really cramped and got crazy hot.  However, the touch screen system was neat, the sound system was good, and the videos were hilarious because they were total nonsense.  Overall, the staff was friendly and helpful, but they forgot to give me my ID back at the end of the night, which caused a big issue the next day.  It wasn’t perfect, but I’d probably still go back.)

We did a bunch of other fun stuff too!


Tried float spa meditation for the first time at True Rest Float Spa.  I really enjoyed it!  It felt like I’d gotten a massage after.


Had Tim’s family over for ice cream cake – which is his excellent family tradition.  He has enough siblings that I get DQ cake almost half the months out of the year.


Went out for sushi at Shimogamo.  It was simple but delicious.

Blue - Chihuly at the Garden

Went to the Chihuly in the Garden exhibit at the Desert Botanical Gardens with Tim and my mom.  Chihuly is one of my favorite artists and his 2008 show at DBG was inspirational.  I didn’t think this one was quite as good, but it was still wonderful.  AND we accidentally showed up on their Dog Day so the whole place was filled with pups!  That was a happy surprise.

We wandered around the exhibit, ate a seriously tasty lunch at Gertrude’s, and wandered around some more.  It was a beautiful way to spend an afternoon.  It also got me really excited about learning to blow glass!


The birthdaypalooza ended with a wonderful brunch.  I like to multi-task our events and since our house has really come together, this was the perfect time to have a housewarming.  I got some bagels, baked a couple of breakfast casseroles, and put together a mimosa bar – bam, party!  It was great to celebrate with friends and family and I love showing off our house!


All our hard work and $$$ have really paid off.  I’ve gotta post some before and after pics soon.

If the rest of the year is even half as good as the last two weeks, I’m going to be in good shape.  And I think it will be – I’ve got some big travel plans and goals to help me feel/live better.  Hopefully I can be a much better blogger this year, too!