A year ago, I created a list of 30 things I wanted to accomplish.  Or rather, 30-year-old-KT created that list.  I’ve changed in a year (and I bet you have, too) so now the question becomes… can the list change?

I think it can.  And I make the rules around here, so there you have it.  Every year, I’m going to re-evaluate the list and swap out goals if I feel it’s appropriate.  I won’t add something just because I know I’ve got an opportunity coming up and I won’t remove anything just because it doesn’t seem achievable.  The criteria for the swap is one Thing sounding better than another Thing, that’s it.

Thing #22: Drive the PCH -> See Every Hawaiian Island

Before this year, I’d been to Maui twice.  I kind of figured that all the islands were pretty much like Maui the same way that all of Kansas looks like the rest of Kansas.  This year I went to the big island of Hawaii and was proven totally, utterly wrong.  Hawaii was so beautiful and fascinating in its own unique way – it made me want to see ALL of the Hawaiian islands.  It’ll take longer, admittedly, but I feel more passionate about it than I do about seeing the West Coast via car.  I think I’d rather see it by bike, so maybe it’ll turn into #4.

Thing #23: Meet Someone I Admire -> Get My Degree

Earlier this year, I was really stressing about looking for a job without a completed college degree.  Even if I just get my Associates, it’ll make me feel so much more confident and secure.  Besides, why meet someone I admire when what I really want to do is become someone I admire?

I think those are the only changes I want to make this year.  They’ve both been floating around in my brain for the last couple months.  Am I just making this harder on myself?  Maybe.  I’m cool with that.

In other news, my birthday is just a few days away!  I’m genuinely excited to turn 31.  I hope I still feel that way when the number rolls up to 39, haha.  But right now, the world seem so full of opportunity and possibility.  I’m really excited to see where 31 takes me!