Remember how I said I wanted to post every day from Belfast?  Well, I have been – just not on this blog.  I created a microblog that would work with a mobile app so I could create mini entries from my phone.  It’s an excellent app and I like how that blog is shaping up.  The problem is that I haven’t had the time or energy to transfer the stuff from there to here.

So, to find out about the first 3+ weeks of my Belfast adventure, for now you’ll have to visit this link:

It’s heavily censored and pretty simplistic – it’s made to share with folks from work, so there are a lot of happy, upbeat phrases and exclamation points.  I am happy and excited to be in Belfast!  Look how pretty everything is!!!  Everyone I work with is great!!!!!


All that stuff is true, of course, but there’s another side to it.  The long work days, the unceasing pressure, the inescapability of work.  It’s seriously work, work, work, all the time.  Even when we’re out exploring… it’s with people from work.  Even when we’re at the pub… people talk about work.  Oh my god, I’m so sick of work.

And I miss my family like crazy!  Being so far away from Tim, Grif, my parents and my friends is really difficult.  At times, it feels like I’ve been punched in the stomach because I miss my guys so much.  I love Belfast in a lot of ways, but not even 1% as much as I love my fam.  I am literally counting down the days until I come home.


Don’t get me wrong – I made the right decision when I volunteered for this position and I don’t regret it for a minute.  Belfast is a great city, filled with lovely people and food so good, I’m gaining weight by the minute.  My apartment is amazing and I get to wake up every day to a stunning view of the river.  I walk everywhere, which is wonderful – I’m kicking ass on my fitbit!  I am really glad I’ve had this opportunity…


But yeah, I’m already wishing I was at home.  Just 37 days left to go!