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Published on September 2, 2014, by in 21. Get a New Car.

I’ve found that when I don’t want to move forward, life pushes me that direction anyway.  Usually, it looks tragic at first but ends up being just what I needed.  For example, when my department was shut down at work just after closing on our house, I thought it was a disaster, but we were fine and now I have a job that I love.  That was one of my 30 goals – to get a meaningful job – but I hadn’t been ready to take the leap until life gave me that push.

Well, life pushed me again on Sunday.  In the form of a big brown truck that quite literally pushed me and my car into another car.

Rear Ended ZX2

I was rear ended while stopped at a red light at a high enough speed that it did serious damage to my car and sent me to the hospital.  I also tapped the car in front of me, though only enough to shake up the driver – her bumper just had a few scratches.  My car is well and truly wrecked – undrivable and, at its advanced age. unrepairable.

And the really awful part?  The driver who hit me drove away.  As soon as the light turned green, they took off.  Cops are looking for them, but I have no hope they’ll be found.  That means no insurance company to hold liable for the damage and no help with any of my expenses.  I am furious at the person who did this… but since there’s nothing I can do to find them or visit karmic retribution upon them, I’m trying not to dwell on it.

Instead, I’m trying to see this as a push towards Thing #21, getting a new car.  I put this on my goals list to give me an incentive to fix my credit and save up some money.  I planned on completing this goal in 2017 – I figured at 14 years old, my car would be on her last legs.  I didn’t count on some hit-and-run jerkface taking her out.  Life doesn’t care about plans, right?  The good news is that I have worked on my credit.  When I created this list, the likelihood of me getting a loan was probably pretty low but I’ve been responsibly using a few credit cards and now my chances are much better.  And I have saved money.  It was earmarked for other goals, but it’s there and I can use it if I need it.

So, when we get back from our trip (just 4 days away, eeeek!), in the couple of days before I head back to work, I’m going to buy a new car and cross another goal off the list… even though I didn’t want to.