It’s hard to say goodbye to being 31. It’s been so very good to me. This age has brought me more adventure and insight than most. 31 was a year of travel, of discovery, of fearlessness, of happy. I feel like I accomplished a lot this year, not least of which was spending a total of 12 weeks overseas. One whole quarter of my 31st year was spent in another country, how amazing is that! A dream come true. I also managed to cross 3 things off The List and make progress on 6 more, which feels like a productive year to me.

Here’s what I did at 31:

#9: Do Something That Scares Me

Uh, I did a bunch of scary things this year! I lived way out of my comfort-zone. My intention for the year was to be fearless and I accomplished that in a number of ways, detailed in my previous post here. I would say the scariest in terms of thinking I might die was walking across Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge, while scariest in terms of totally embarrassing myself was karaoke at a drag night in Belfast. Pretty much everything in Belfast was a test of my fearlessness, so yeah, I feel confident that I can cross this one off. That doesn’t mean I’m going to stop scaring myself though!


#10: Sing a Song at Karaoke

I can cross this off twice! Did it once on my birthday and again in Belfast, as mentioned above. And I can’t wait to do it again!

#13: Fix My Credit

In Progress: While I don’t think I can cross this off until I’m in the 800’s, I have made a LOT of progress on this front. I continue to responsibly use credit cards & managed to get a car loan at a decent rate. Feeling positive that I’ll be able to cross this one off in the next year or so!

Watercolor Compass Tattoo

#15: Complete a Half Sleeve of Tattoos

In Progress: I added a large compass to my right arm in October and I’ll be getting a labyrinth right after my birthday! I don’t think I’ll be done for another few years, but I am working on it! Very glad I found an amazing artist in Kaitlin Dutoit!

#21: Get A New Car

Yep, I did that, though it happened in the worst way. It’s been a few months and I really like the new car, but I still kinda miss my old one.

#23: Get My Degree

In Progress: This is BIG NEWS!  I was actually waiting until it was for sure to blog about it. I got accepted to ASU, I got approved for reduced tuition (since Tim is an employee), I’m all signed up – and classes start on Jan 12th!!! I’m on my way to being a real college graduate… sometime in 2018, that is. And then, I think, on to grad school. My ultimate goal is to get a Master’s degree in Adult Education so that I can continue to be a corporate trainer at a higher level. It’s a job I stumbled into last year but I love it so much that I finally (FINALLY!) chose a major! WOW!

#28: Read 300 Books

In Progress… but way behind. I read some books this year, but I didn’t read as many as I would have liked. Currently I’ve read 40, so I’m behind pace by a whopping 20 books. I’m going to really need to focus to hit this goal in another 8 years! I think it works out to one book every 2 weeks? To give myself a boost, what with starting school again, I’ve decided to count textbooks. I love being the one that makes the rules! If you want to see what I’ve read, you can check my GoodReads list here.

europe 238

#29: Travel To 10 Countries on 3 Continents

In Progress: Scratch off SEVEN countries on one continent! This year, I visited the UK, Ireland, Brussels, France, Italy, Germany, and the Netherlands.  Just three more countries on two continents to go – it actually sounds achievable!

#30: Work On This Blog

In Progress: Once again, I would have liked to write more this year. It’s amazing how hard it is to find the time and the inspiration. Of course, I’ve got a lot to write about the trip. And I’d love to re-explore Belfast, since I blogged on Bokeh instead of WordPress. I was hoping to be able to port those posts over, but no luck so far.  Otherwise, well, we’ll see what 32 brings – hopefully more/better content from me!

One last thing to note: On my birthday last year, I posted Pharrell’s “Happy” video and said it would be the theme song of my year. I’m either psychic, lucky, or the universe has an interesting sense of humor. The song became an unofficial jingle for my company (internally) and they’ve filmed several dance videos to it – I’ve heard it well over a million times by now! I also sang it with my buddy Brandon at karaoke, heard it often on the road, and it’s been on the radio like crazy. I can’t escape it! Luckily, I still like it – every time it comes on, it reminds me of that promise I made to myself on my birthday. I know Pharrell is problematic and probably everyone else in the world is burned out on that song, but it really has made me HAPPY this year!

In summary: Thank you, age 31, for being so damn good to me.