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Published on January 16, 2018, by in The 30 Things List.

34 brought me the best day of my life. Moments I hope I will always remember because they fill my heart up when it’s on empty. The most love & joy & warmth I’ve ever felt at once.

And 34 brought me a bunch of really shitty days too. The heart-emptying ones.

34 brought me a new job, a really exciting one that involves travel & training & people I love.

34 brought me surgery & chronic pain & endless doctor visits.

34 brought me Thailand. And Boston, Minneapolis, Baltimore, and the Washingtons, both D.C. and State.

34 brought me – and the rest of the world – Trump. And all the nightmare fuel that goes with him & his cronies.

What I’m saying is – it was a bit of a mixed bag. I can’t say it was all bad, some really great things happened, my wedding in particular. And yet, I wouldn’t say it was a good year. I would even say that I’m glad it’s almost over, though the worst problems will stretch in to 35. I love the time I get to reflect here; the opportunity for a fresh start. I enjoy rethinking my goals. So while the slate isn’t truly clean, I’m grateful to move on.

But before I do, let’s cross some things off the list:

14. Throw A Big Party – DONE! The biggest of parties. Our wedding was ah-mah-zing.

Better that I hoped, more than I could have asked for – perfect. I felt incredible & beautiful in my dress. Tim’s vows had me laughing & crying. Our first dance went off without a hitch. Both venues were stunning. The speeches… well, my biggest regret is not recording the speeches.

Our reactions to one of the speeches. We are both legit crying.

And we had a gelato bar! Everyone we love (nearly), in one space, celebrating us… I loved every minute. I wish I could re-live it.

19. Learn How To Dance – See above! After a couple months of lessons & choreography help from our instructor, we rocked it.

23. Get My Degree – Though I made no progress in the second half of the year (wedding!), I used the first two semesters to get myself to the point where I could easily graduate in 2018.

26. Legally Change My Last Name – So close! Can’t cross it off yet but the wheels are in motion.

28. Read 300 Books – According to Goodreads, I’m on 115. I need to pick up the pace here but I also need to remember to record these in Goodreads more consistently because I’m sure I’ve read more than that.

29. Visit 10 Countries on 3 Continents – DONE!!!! Whaaaaaat! I thought this would take all 10 years but our honeymoon in Thailand was the 10th country on the 3rd (or 4th, depending on whether you count North America) continent.

  • Europe: U.K., Ireland, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, & the Netherlands.
  • North America: Canada
  • Australasia: New Zealand & Australia
  • Asia: Thailand

I can’t believe I’ve been so many places in 5 years, not to mention all over the U.S.! Gratitude moment!

30. Work On This Blog for 10 Years – Well, I wrote this, didn’t I? Good enough for me, I’m counting this as in process.

I can cross off 3 more goals. There are 20 left to go. Which means I’ve done 1/3 of my Things in 1/2 the time I have… hopefully 2018 is a productive year!