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The 30 Things List

30 things to learn,  see, and do in my 30’s:

  1.  Learn how to blow glass
  2.  See the northern lights
  3.  Take violin lessons
  4.  Bicycle a long path – 300 miles at least
  5.  Travel the Camino de Santiago
  6.  Touch a penguin
  7.  Learn a new language
  8.  Snorkel in the Caribbean Sea
  9.  Do something that really, truly scares me
  10.  Sing a song at karaoke
  11.  Rescue another dog
  12.  Take my mom on a vacation of her choice
  13.  Fix my credit
  14.  Throw a really big party
  15.  Complete a half sleeve of tattoos
  16.  Be able to do a yoga headstand
  17.  Build or repair something 
  18.  Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
  19.  Learn how to dance
  20.  Volunteer
  21.  Get a new car (or move where a car is not necessary)
  22.  Visit all Hawaiian Islands
  23.  Get my degree
  24.  Have a secret posted or published by PostSecret
  25.  Give up buying physical things for myself for a whole year
  26.  Legally change my last name
  27.  Get a meaningful job
  28.  Read 300 books 
  29.  Visit at least 10 countries on 3 continents
  30.  Write and work on this blog for a decade